Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead are still devastated over the loss of their good friend Anna Nicole Smith. And now with her 40th birthday the guys hope to commemorate her the best they can.


They spoke to ET about their plans to celebrate the woman who made such an impact on there lives. Howard said, “My only wish is that Anna is celebrating her 40th birthday with Daniel and Howard (Marshall) in heaven and that they are able to experience the beautiful development of Dannielynn from above. Then I know that she would truly be at peace. She was more extraordinary than words can describe. I will never stop loving her.”


Meanwhile Larry, who cares for their baby daughter, Dannielynn, has a different plan for her birthday. “We will have a private family celebration to remember Anna. Time still hasn’t healed the wound of her untimely passing, as she truly was one of a kind.”


He added, “We miss her dearly.”


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