On the day that Anna Nicole Smith’s ex boyfriend appeared in court charged with contributing to her death, a friend of the former Playboy model told OK! that he "took advantage of her".

A fellow Playmate of the Year and one-time pal of Anna’s, Victoria Silverstedt, said that the reality show Anna and Howard K. Stern appeared in together may have been the catalyst that lead to the collapse of her life.

Victoria, who now stars in her own reality show, The Perfect Life, says that she intentionally avoided making a show like The Anna Nicole Show, which aired on E! in 2002, five years before Anna died from a drug overdose.

"That was my guide lines — not to go that way," said the Swedish pin-up.

"I don’t know if it was that show that really got [Anna Nicole] more and more messed her up — because there was the fame, and Howard and everyone were taking advantage of her," added Victoria.

"It was a disaster."

Victoria’s own show follows her ultra glamorous life as she flits around the world from New York and LA, to London, Paris and Rome via her home in Monaco and the village where she grew up in northern Sweden, as she goes to celebrity parties, hosts TV shows and looks for love.

"I just wanted it be light-hearted, fun, easy to watch," Victoria told us. "I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, I’m just doing my thing, enjoying having a good life, but not taking life too seriously.


"I really wanted to be careful not to go along that line [like the Anna Nicole Show]."

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