If the successes of the Twilight series and True Blood are any indication, it seems to be a pretty sweet gig these days being involved with anything vampiric. Although all the bloodthirstiness in movies, TV and books is just a coincidence, according to Anna Paquin, who plays the telepath Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood.

“It seems kind of funny… just because two things happen to end up being released around the same time, it’s not like we all got together beforehand and had a chat about how we’re going to make sure vampires had a comeback,” she tells AOL’s Inside/TV. “But from the way people ask about it, you’d think that we’d all had sort of a sit-down. But it’s coincidence, really.”

And while the two vampire franchises are often compared, True Blood has quite a bit more sex than the chaste Twilight flicks. Anna is lucky, however, in that she films her nude scenes with real-life boyfriend Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill.

“Obviously, if you’re already with that person then you’re not having to sort of get over the ‘Wow, I’m naked with someone that I don’t even know the middle name of!’ ” Anna explains. “I think that regardless of what kind of scene you’re doing, the better you know the person you’re working with and the more comfortable you are with them, the more open and real your performance can be. And that goes for stunt scenes and heavy emotional scenes and sex scenes. OK, so I have a little bit of a leg up in that particular area with my on-screen [partner].”

So is it going to be just as hot as last season?

“There’s actual plot. But yes, it’s a sexy vampire show and yes, there’s more getting it on, so to speak,” she says of the new season, adding that she feels fine with being naked so often.

“Although the way that people ask me about it all the time, I feel like maybe I should feel uptight about it. But I really don’t,” she adds.

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