While Anne Hathaway‘s newest movie role has her playing a character recovering from drug problems, the Rachel Getting Married star has her own troubles to recover from, after her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri was arrested in June on fraud charges.


"It’s interesting to play a character who everybody knows the unsavory details of her life," she tells Good Morning America in an interview this morning. "And here I am, promoting this character, when obviously, things that I prefer to remain private are kind of out there."


The brunette beauty was honest when asked about what she’s learned from her ordeal, saying that wasn’t something she’s ready to discuss with the world.


"I do believe – I suppose if anything – the thing that I learned is there’s a journey," she reveals. "And there’s never going to be a point that you have figured everything out, no matter how dramatic the things that have happened to you are."


While most women her age don’t have a successful film career, it’s also unlikely they’ve found themselves in a similar situation to Anne, something that she says she’s also learned from.

"I’m really honoring the fact that I’m 25 years old and I was really surprised by a situation," she says. "I have a lot of people that love me, that have protected me, that were trying to protect me before and are doing even more now."

So how is she coping with the buzz surrounding her ex’s legal troubles, while still goign forward with her own life and career? Anne says she’s just going to press ahead despite the scandal.


"What’s the right thing to do? Do you talk about it? It’s the elephant in the room," she confesses. "I think it’s better to let everyone know that I’m OK. I’m trying to move on and have a sense of humor about everything."

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