Anne Hathaway‘s ex-boyfriend Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri, who pleaded guilty in September to orchestrating fraudulent schemes involving the Vatican, wants his deportation to Italy sped up and his prison sentence reduced to three years. He was originally sentenced to five years and three months under his plea deal, according to Reuters.


Raffaello’s lawyer filed the memo on Tuesday, saying he should be sent back to his own country.


"To say his hopes and dreams of building a thriving business in the United States has been a disaster is an understatement," Reuters quotes his lawyer Flora Edwards as saying. "There is no danger he will ever return to this country."


Anne has been speaking publicly about her ex of four years, including joking about the situation in her opening monologue as the host of SNL a few weeks ago and opening up in an interview on Good Morning America.


"What’s the right thing to do? Do you talk about it? It’s the elephant in the room," she said on GMA. "I think it’s better to let everyone know that I’m OK. I’m trying to move on and have a sense of humor about everything."

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