Dear Publicists, Colleagues and Friends,

First, let me say that I am very gracious when I am sent gifts and goodies and don’t mean to suggest at all otherwise, but…
Please refrain from sending me chocolate, sweets or any other kind of perishable items that can hinder my ‘get fit for summer’ fitness plans. I’m that girl who doesn’t keep any food in the house because if it’s not there, I won’t eat it. I also don’t bring cupcakes, Godiva chocolate or chocolate croissants to work, because if they’re not on my desk, I won’t nibble at them and feel increasingly guilty with every sugar-laden bite. I will also have less wrinkles because I won’t be scowling at my co-workers enjoying the treats I’m using every bit of will power to resist. Today for example, I received a big box of warm breakfast pastries. My first thought was that they smelled heavenly and it was such a nice gesture. After eating the top off a fresh from the oven muffin I now foresee an extra 20 minutes running the Santa Monica stairs with A Jones after work, just to avoid muffin top from said muffin :/ Ok, that is all. Hope you’re having a good Monday 😉 xo

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