First Moneyball and now this? MovieLine reports that Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn and directed by film legend Terrence Malick won’t be coming out in 2009.

According to the story, Malick, the notoriously finicky filmmaker, still needs time to finish editing the movie, in which Brad plays the father of a boy whose lost innocence troubles him as he ages into a man played by Sean Penn. It isn’t the first time Malick has taken his time with a project. After 1978’s acclaimed Days of Heaven, it was another 20 years until the release of his next movie, the Oscar-nominated Thin Red Line, which also starred Penn. In fact Tree of Life is only the fifth film Malick has made in the last 35 years!

This is also the second movie of Brad’s to face troubles this year. In June, the studio behind the baseball flick Moneyball pulled the plug with only days to go before the start of filming. Like Tree of Life, Moneyball not only boasted Brad’s starpower, but also the Oscar-winning pedigree of director Steven Soderbergh.

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