I started my SWSX experience dancing on the stage at Ben Harpers’s show, and ended it dancing behind the DJ on stage during Kanye West’s impromptu surprise appearance at Perez Hilton’s One Night in Austin party sponsored by Dell.

Hanging out with the producers of the event, the ever amazing Bruce and Brian from BMF and fabulous Joyce and Rem from Fusion has its benefits and mine culminated into standing near Kanye’s model girlfriend, Amber Rose, while she adoringly watched Kanye run through fan favorites from “Heartless” to “Love Lockdown.” I meanwhile was looking adoringly at Amber’s amazing sky-high heels. Caught in the act she confessed she didn’t know what they were until she looked (YSL more than many people’s monthly rent) and that they were a gift from Kanye. Membership has its privileges.

Speaking of membership, those who have been fortunate to be part of the Perez Hilton concert line-up in the past, ie: Katy Perry, Eric Hutchinson and Lady Gaga, have gone from virtual anonymity to greatness in the year since. When someone asked his top three favorite acts of the night Perez democratically staunchly refused to narrow his favorite diva acts down to just three favorites. I enjoyed a large part of the line-up, but my picks for yet under-the-radar artists with the potential to hit mainstream soon are Austin-based girl band Ladyhawke and adorable Brit Lil’ Boots who drew comparisons to Kylie Minogue. Solange put on a pretty impressive performance as well, but it remains to be seen if her talent can outshine being ‘Beyonce’s little sister.’

Ok, exhausted! Several shots of Café Bustelo -and shockingly one or two of (gulp) Alize, kept  me up until the show ended after 3am last night (this morning), but I was only privy to about four hours sleep back at the Hotel Saint Cecilia (which I decided reminds me a lot of  The Chateau Marmont) and now, back home in LA after ten days away,  it’s time for “Desperate Housewives” and bed before another 5:30am Monday 😉 xo

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