I’m thankful: My family came from NYC to spend Thanksgiving at my house in LA – although that’s displaced me to a week on an air mattress.

I’m thankful: I was able to get in a run on a sunny LA morning before the family woke up – although I got home to them leaving for the ER because mom’s eye was swollen shut.

I’m thankful: I received dozens of texts and emails from friends wishing me a happy thanksgiving – although my dad and sister glared at me as I sat in the ER returning them, and using the time to send more.

I’m thankful: I had turkey today – even if it was a turkey and swiss sandwich – from 7 Eleven.

I’m thankful: We finally got back to my house to cook the turkey: Even if it’s estimated done time is 10 pm.


Well, all the more leftovers for the week for me.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful for my friends and family, no matter how yin and yang our luck may be. Hope you and yours had a happy, and healthy, thanksgiving.

Now, already thinking about Black Friday and shopping, on to write a blog about my latest obsession…

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