We hate to have to break it to all you swooning David Archuleta fans, but the Idol star says he is definitely not on the market.

Today David told OK! that, despite having hordes of women throwing themselves at him since he started on Idol, he is not interested in having a girlfriend. At least, not right now.

But the runner-up did let us in on what he will be looking for in a woman when the time is right.

"I feel like, being 17, I’m not really mature enough to understand those feelings yet," he said.

"I watch so many of my friends who are like, ‘Oh, we broke up and I’m so sad and I can’t live without them.’

"And I’m like, ‘You’re 17! What are you talking about? You have school and what are you going to do for a living [to think about], it’s not like you’re going to live off that person or anything.

"It’s not like infatuation with them is going to support you."

"All the drama!," he added. "I so don’t want to deal with the drama right now!"

But the high-school student, who finished second to David Cook on Wednesday, said there will be time for dating one day.

"It’s just something that I will definitely want to focus on later in life, when I’m ready. But I feel like I’m so young and have to get to know what kind of thing I look into someone.

"When I feel like I’ve met a girl who has a great personality and someone I can connect with and has really good standards for themselves, and has respect for themselves, but not in like an arrogant way, someone who cares about others — you know, it’s not all about them."

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