'World War Z' world premiere in London

Looking more like teenagers in love than a couple who has been together eight years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie held hands, smiled and greeted fans as they made their way to a seafood restaurant on Australia’s coast on a recent rare date night.

It’s been a while! The pair has spent the last few months on different sides of the world as brad, 50, filmed the World War II drama Fury in London and Angelina, 38, directed her second feature film, Unbroken, down under.

The long separation, a rarity for the pair, attracted gossip that all was not well with Hollywood’s most visible A-list couple. However, when both their films wrapped recently, the couple squashed those rumors by publicly enjoying an adults-only lovers’ retreat at an $800-a-night waterfront resort in Australia’s Airlie beach.

Now back in L.A. with their six kids, OK! takes a look at the couple’s current state of affairs.

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One thing’s for certain: they never want to repeat 2013. “They had a terrible year — Angie’s [double mastectomy] operation and Brad being unexpectedly saved from becoming a $400 million laughingstock with World War Z,” says an insider.

Being apart for months, and in such starkly different time zones — Angie and the kids in Australia, Brad in London — was no breeze either. But now that Unbroken has wrapped and the family’s reunited, our source says that “they’re on an all-time high. They’ve got so much to look forward to, including this upcoming stay in South Africa. The kids can’t get their heads around the fact that they’ll be going on a safari. As if all the koalas and kangaroos weren’t enough, now they get to see big cats and hippos!”

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In 2006, Brad famously told Esquire, “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” Ever since the supreme court overruled DOMA last year, fans have been anxiously waiting.

“The first window they have to tie the knot is May, but, like last year, their schedules are filling up fast,” says the insider. “They have every intention of getting married this year and the latest whisper is to coincide it with her birthday in June in France.”


Brad is working on a project with George Clooney that will relocate him to Johannesburg — and the whole family is tagging along, although “it’s not a permanent move,” says the insider.

The couple, who expect to stay a year, have rented a home large enough for the entire family in the Johannesburg suburb of Sandhurst for $7,600 a month. South Africa, in a way, is a kind of homecoming for the vagabond clan: the couple’s daughter Shiloh was born in the city of Swakopmund in the neighboring country Namibia, in 2006.

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Angelina was a workaholic director and her health took a big hit as she endured the grueling Unbroken shoot. The true story of a WWII survivor included several weeks of filming on a raft bobbing in the Pacific Ocean.

“Brad has never been more happy to go to a movie wrap party, because she poured her heart and soul into this project and her health has clearly suffered,” says the insider. “He’s been worried about her thin frame. He takes her health so seriously, especially since her operation last year, and he’s trying to get her appetite back up. He never likes to see her looking so frail and exhausted.”


After Angelina’s preventative double mastectomy last year, insiders say she needs to focus on her health. “She’s too thin and constantly tired,” says the insider. “She has the second stage of her preventative cancer surgery to face at some point, with plans to have her ovaries removed. She needs to beef up for that.”

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