Unfortunately said work of art appears as an abstract design on my left leg – where I apparently missed some spots with the sunscreen I was re-applying while simultaneously dissecting Paris Hilton’s Coachella hippie pool outfit as we both lounged in 5 Gums VIP suite poolside at the Riviera Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs. So amateur.

The fact that I’m going to have to pray for a miracle today or wear jeans until said red spots fade aside, Coachella has been pretty fun so far.

We arrived in Palm Springs at 1am but although the Music Loves Fashion party in the Belvedere IX Ballroom of our hotel was apparently just getting started we opted to rest up for Saturday. When I went down to a 9am yoga class the next morning (yesterday), I was told it was moved from the Grand Ballroom into the salon because the chandeliers had been broken and there was glass all over the floor. Paris was apparently partying in the ballroom with her boyfriend Doug, Audrina and Tara Reid until nearly 6am!

Well-rested I enjoyed a day poolside, staying refreshed with Berry Cherry Vitaminwater and Belvedere IX vodka cocktails and taking sun breaks in the House of Hype Lounge where I picked up a pair of Rocket Dog flip flops, rocked out on Logistics cool new wireless guitar for Guitar Hero, caught up with my friends from Skull Candy and was given a jacket (because the desert gets down to 60 at night and I didn’t bring one) from 55DSL (a surf and street branch of Diesel that’s apparently been around for 15 years!)

I got to Coachella at 6pm-ish where we had VIP tix waiting courtesy of former Rilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis, who performed solo last night (Thanks Jenny).
We saw TV on the Radio, and hung out with Kip after, I discovered James Morrison, went to the Band of Horses stage and made it back to the main stage in time for MIA’s “Paper Planes” and of course rounded it all out with a fantastical performance from The Killers.

Afterwards we hit the T-Mobile G-1 party at the airport hangar that was just as much fun as last year. With DJ AM on the turntables, beer pong set up outside, a few boys from Entourage, the Hiltons, Carmen Electra celebrating her birthday with her fiancé, and a fluorescent green wig-topped Bai Ling, the energy was high and fun was had by all.

I’ve since heard Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal and Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were at the polo fields for the bands as well, but unfortunately in the sea of people I missed them…Now, off to correct some sunburn spots at Levi 501 Suite and Ray Ban’s party at the Ace Hotel before the road trip back home. Happy Sunday 😉 xo

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