Pete Wentz might have some competition for his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s affections — at least on-screen on Melrose Place: Thomas Calabro says there could be a smooch or two between their characters this season. Thomas is returning as ladies’ man Dr. Michael Mancini on the updated version of the show, which premieres tonight on the CW, and sees hook-ups for his character as inevitable.

“It obviously wouldn’t be Michael Mancini without a hookup, and he obviously has to hook up outside of his marriage…[so] it’s always a possibility,” Thomas, 50, tells E! News about a potential romantic plotline between him and Ashlee’s character, Violet Foster.

So if he’s still the same when it comes to women, has Dr. Mancini changed at all?

“Michael Mancini now has globs and globs of money,” Thomas says. “He’s got money, power and influence. Second, he’s got this really pain-in-the-butt son who’s 22 and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with him.

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