What was Ashley Greene’s favorite scene to shoot in New Moon? Driving the Porsche tops the list! Ashley dished on the making of New Moon in an interview with MTV. “Of course, the Porsche was incredible, the whole experience of filming [that scene],” Ash told MTV.

“Working with Michael Sheen, it was just really funny how he created this whole atmosphere out of the scene and could switch it up. Everything that he did was a little bit inspired, and so the whole Volturi scene with him was really fun to do.”

Alice Cullen has way more screen time in the newest installment of The Twilight Saga, and Ashley said she really enjoyed filming with the entire Cullen clan.

“[I also love] the whole Cullen scene, when Bella gets a paper cut and Jasper goes crazy — you haven’t seen that side of him yet,” Ashley said. “The performances are great, and the whole dynamic is really great. That was one of my favorite scenes to watch.”


Ashley said she feels more like Alice as the development of her character progresses and transitions from the first film to the second.

“I was really excited to play Alice in the beginning because she is a really positive, bright light — and a very moral vampire,” Ashley said. “I was saying in the beginning that I felt that I was [as well], and that was relatable. She’s really close with her family obviously, and that was there from the get-go, so I felt like the only other thing I could do to get closer would be to become a vampire or see the future.”

“[But] fashion-wise, yes. Fashion-wise, I have become a lot more like Alice Cullen, because she is probably the most fashionable out of the Cullen clan, and I’ve recently become obsessed with fashion.”

As far as cast interaction between takes, Ash can only pinpoint a couple of quirky pastimes.

“YouTube was a big topic of conversation; we were sharing YouTube videos,” she said. “Which was kinda funny, because [we’d be filming a] really intense situation, and then they would yell, ‘Cut!’ and we would have 20 minutes and we’d break out Kittens Inspired by Kittens. It’s this little girl reading a kittens book.”

Has Ashley jumped on the Twilight merchandise bandwagon? She said she only has a couple of shirts and the necklace for memorabilia purposes.

“While filming, Kellan [Lutz] bought the Twilight game, and we played, and I won. I’m just saying. No big deal.”


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