To test out his new game show, Opportunity Knocks–the new ABC reality competition series which visits a family in their hometown and tests them on their knowledge of their loved ones on the spot–Ashton Kutcher didn’t stray far from home. He tried it out on wife Demi Moore and his three stepdaughters.

"I got into the process of how well do you know your family,"he revealed during the shows TCA conference. "If somebody came and asked me what kind of perfume my wife wears every single day, could I tell you that answer? I could tell you it’s (sounds like tuberose?)"

Dinner time at the Kutcher/Moore household became the family’s own game set.

"I started playing with that idea with my family and with my girls, with birthdays and anniversaries and this thing and that thing," he says. "Just who is Tullulah’s favorite band? We would play for two bucks at the dinner table with the girls and Demi and we all had a blast with it."

Ashton thinks he’d make a pretty good showing on his show, despite his limitations.

"I’m not good with dates," he says. "It takes me 20 minutes to remember my anniversary. It really made me want to learn more about the people I spend every single day with."

But he knows exactly how wife Demi would do.

"She’d be genius," he declared, adding that women have more compassion when noting small nuances of other people’s lives. "I think my wife would dominate this show."

Besides promoting Opportunity Knocks, Ashton’s spent time getting in shape for his next movie role.

"I play an Olympic wrestler. I worked out like six hours a day," he said.


The actor also admits to eating a strange diet when he’s at home with Demi and her girls.

"The refrigerator’s kind of stocked. Usually there’s like quesadillas in the refrigerator-that’s like a big hit in my family. And then there’s a lot of honey. My girls like eating honey a lot."

By Delania Dixon and Carole Glines

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