I fell asleep before I could write yesterday, so I’ll backtrack by blogging highlights with bullet points:

-Writing from my perch on the porch of my room at The Hotel Saint Cecilia. This bed and breakfast-esque boutique hotel would be the perfect place to come write a book one day – or a record. There are record players in every room and you can rent records like library books. I’m listing to the Rolling Stones right now, on vinyl. It’s kind of amazing.

-I saw Ben Harper perform. Ben and his wife Laura Dern may be two of the nicest people on the planet – they’re also two of the most obviously blissfully in love, and they’ve been together nearly a decade. Ben’s cover of “Pressure,” (by my favorite musician David Bowie), blew me away!  Ben performed the song with Jack Black on the campaign trail with Obama. In case you missed it, check it out here:


-I pet Matthew McConaughey’s dog. While Matthew was busy picking out Carrera Sunglasses at the Café Bustelo Lounge, I pet his 3-year-old dog BJ. Adorable. So is Matthew. My friend commented, “He has perfect feet.” Matthew, not the dog. Matthew’s in town with Mischka, the band he produces on his record label jk Livin. Who knew?

Ok. gotta go see what trouble I can find in SWSX today. 😉 xo

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