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Recently Jane Fonda (who looks insanely stunning) got annoyed with Megyn Kelly on her program for asking her questions about plastic surgery. It was bad timing, however, as I see it, we are all getting old (if we’re lucky) and there is no way around annoying wrinkles and looking tired. I like to be honest about what I do so I can share with my girlfriends and readers. What’s mine is yours and sharing is caring!
I find certain aspects of older faces very beautiful. Thinning skin creates more bone structure and certain wrinkles are just stunning. Other wrinkles and sagginess I just find make us tired looking and as they creep up on me I search for the most natural sprinkles of help from my dermatologist, Dr. Katz at Juva Skin and Laser Center.

I recently had a terrific procedure done that I would like to share. It’s called Nova threading. It fills in wrinkles and sagginess using the same threads used for stitching wounds. After 6 months or so, it disintegrates and while it’s in place it builds collagen around it which actually cures the original problem which is loss of collagen. Nova threads last longer than filler and cause very minimal swelling, much less swelling than filler. The best part, in my opinion, is that there is no filler being used. No weird chemicals in the syringe and no lumpiness. My laugh lines were getting a bit deep and bothering me in pictures, and I used the threads there. In this photograph you can see the lines a little. There was not much discomfort and no bruising or swelling. Really excited about this new technology ! Thank you Dr. Katz!

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