I overdid it again with the food. Did you? For some reason sunshine and swimming caused me to eat bags of Tate’s cookies, farm fresh pies, and delicious BBQ food as summer came to an end. It’s time for a health reset. Kids will start school and while getting them organized and onto a good start is a priority, I need to eat clean to function at my best. I need to get back into alkaline eating which is more about what I DON’T eat. Here is what I will leave out: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, sugar, white flour, and alcohol for a while. I will drink smoothies in the morning, a salad for lunch and dinner. Included in salads besides greens, fruits and vegetables will be beans, seeds, nuts, nut butters, hummus, tahini etc. I use all of Dr. Daryl Gioffre’s alkaline recipes. When I eat an alkaline rich diet, I not only lose weight but my skin gets tighter and my energy levels soar. I actually prefer fruits and vegetables to eating meat and poultry. Speaking of not eating meat, have you seen the documentary on Netflix called, What The Health? Some food for thought as we begin a new school year, and a new season.




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