Is Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour cursed?

Before the Complicated singer hit the road earlier this year, she had never had to cancel a single show.


But now the 23-year-old has axed nine in less than two months!

After canceling concerts in San Diego and Phoenix due to a bout of laryngitis, Avril has had to scratch another in Barcelona, Spain, because of a truckers’ strike.

Disaster first struck back on April 30 when her voice went out at a rehearsal before her show at the Cox Arena in San Diego, forcing her to cancel two dates and re-schedule six more.

But the acute laryngitis passed after she got some rest at home, and they got the show back on the road for the European leg.

Now fate has dealt another blow.


Truckers in Spain are blocking major routes into the country as part of an "indefinite" protest against high fuel prices, meaning the star will not be able to make her June 15 concert in Barcelona.

In an email, Barcelona concert promoter Doctor Music tells OK!, “the concert was canceled because of [the unwillingness] of the artist.”

The tour is scheduled to finish in St. John’s, Canada, on August 13. But who knows what will have happened by then!

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