He may be twice her age, but we hear creepy rock legend Axl Rose has a thing for Kelly Osbourne!

And apparently the Guns ‘n’ Roses star, 46, is no charmer when it comes to showing it either.

Hipster New York designer Richie Rich told OK! that he and his buddy Kelly, 24, bumped into the oddball singer at a recent Hollywood party.

"He was really weird with her," said the Heatherette fashionista at a party for the launch of the new Tide and Downy Total Care washing liquid. "He kept leering at her and saying, "I want to f*** you!"

Kelly’s mom, Sharon Osbourne and Axl’s rep say the story is totally false. In a statement to OK!, they say,

"Richie Rich is a self-promoting liar. Kelly and Axl may have met briefly at a party more than four years ago, but Mr. Rich’s fantasy of what happened, in reality…never did. Both Kelly and Axl resent this falsehood and respect each other immensely."


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