I'm pretty sure Melissa Peterman has clones. The actress is everywhere. Tomorrow night wraps up her hosting gig on ABC's Bet On Your Baby, her new ABC Family reality game showDancing Fools premiered on Wednesday and she stars on the channel's hilarious sitcom Baby Daddy. But, wait, did I mention she's also mom to seven-year-old Riley? This woman is busy. Still, Melissa found time to phone in and give me the scoop on Dancing Fools, as well as some of her most comical mommy moments (they're awesome).

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OK!: Tell me about Dancing Fools.

Melissa Peterman: Basically we’ve taken what everyone gets sucked into watching on YouTube, the best dance videos people post, and we put together a clip package and show the funniest ones. Then we bring our two favorite videos live into the studio to dance off, recreate the video live and then the audience votes and someone walks off with 10 grand. It kind of has an America’s Funniest Home Video feel but we have a game show element. We have live dancers that are amazing. It’s kind of a dance/variety/game show. It’s kind of hard to explain but it’s really addicting, really fun, great stories and I had a blast doing it.

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OK!: I hear some of your Baby Daddy castmates appear on the show as well.

MP: They did—they popped in. We kind of like to think of ourselves as amazing dancers. We like to think of ourselves that way. But they came and they played. We like to dance on our set so we just brought it to another set.

OK!: What’s your golden rule of parenting?

MP: Pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m more concerned if my son has manners and is kind than if he’s clean and on a perfect schedule. It’s the little things. Maybe he gets dirty and the house is kind of a mess but if he’s kind, that’s my thing. I’m all about manners and I want him to say please and thank you. I don’t care if the teacher ever says gifted but if she says he’s nice and kind I’ll be even more happy.

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OK!: What has been your funniest moment in parenting?

MP: Well one of my favorites is when he was very little and it was after Halloween so there was a bowl of candy around. I had fallen asleep eating candy and it had melted all over the bed. My little boy was three years old and I wake up and my husband said, “Riley, come in here. Don’t feel bad about still wearing Pull-Ups because it looks like mommy pooped in the bed.” So that was his big thing, he loved to say, “Mommy pooped in the bed.” I was like, “Riley, you can’t say that, people might think I really did.”

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OK!: Try explaining that one to his teachers at school!

MP: He’s just a very funny kid with very funny questions. Every day I laugh. We just went to his school program and it was international day and they had Oceana and there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a group of first graders dancing to the Hawaii Five-O theme in a tribute to the islands. That stuff makes me happy. Or getting busted yelling at him, going, “Get over here!” That’s usually when I get recognized when I’m at Target going, “Riley Brady, get over here!” And then somebody’s like, “Aren’t you on that show?” It’s like, “Yes, I don’t know whose child that is because they’re clearly not listening.” But that always happens.

Catch Melissa as she takes over ABC Family on Wednesdays with Baby Daddy at 8:30/7:30c and Dancing Fools at 9/8c.

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