In an unprecedented move, The Bachelor’s Brad Womack shocked and disappointed not only Jenni and DeAnna, the last two gals remaining, but viewers all over the country on Monday night when he dumped both ladies and chose no one. The Austin native, dubbed the sexiest Bachelor yet, had some ’splaining to do afterwards and tells OK! why he had to break not one but two hearts.

“Right up to the very last moment I tried so hard,” Brad tells OK!. “I truly did try so hard to believe that something could happen. And then as soon as that morning came and that day came, I was thinking, ‘Okay, well, I just don’t feel it.’ I knew it was going to be a tough road, but I didn’t want to lead any of the ladies on. That’s why I told them both good-bye.”

Brad went into the show as the 11th Bachelor with the best intentions, believing “anything is possible.” And while Jenni and DeAnna were both head over heels in love with Brad, professing their infatuation, the bar owner didn’t feel the same way, saying that although they both possess “every quality that any guy wants,” he ultimately was unable to fall in love with either of them.

“I didn’t have that wild-and-crazy, over-the-top feeling of being in love you get when you fall in love,” he says.

Although the public reaction to his decision has generally been negative, Brad has received comments from both ends of the spectrum. “A lot of people hate what I did, a lot of people like what I did. For the most part, in Austin the response has been really positive, and I’m grateful for that because I love this city — it’s where I live, so I’m glad I’m not getting beat up too much.”

For now, the 35-year-old — who, contrary to reports, never got back together with his ex — plans to “take a little time off” from dating. But when he’s ready to get back in the game, don’t expect to find him on another reality show.

“I wouldn’t do this again, and only because, let me say this, I loved my experience, I really did. But just being scrutinized so much is getting old,” he says.I didn’t quite know what I was getting into, having my public life out there. I got what I signed up for, so I can’t complain.


“How do I go about finding the love of my life?” he continues. “Maybe getting back with my ex — I’m kidding, of course. I don’t know, how do people find it? They always say you find it when you’re not looking for it. I’m just ready to go back to work and live a normal life and hopefully I’ll meet her.”

By Delaina Dixon

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