Rozlyn Papa, the contestant who reportedly had an intimate relationship on the set of The Bachelor with  a producer, watched last night’s episode, and let’s just say she’s not too happy with how she was portrayed.

“This is so edited,” Rozlyn claimed to Entertainment Tonight while watching host Chris Harrison confront her. “I’d be very interested for them to release what really happened there and what Chris Harrison actually says to me.”

“Overall it was very uneventful and vague and I think that there’s a very good reason for it,” she adds.

The 28-year-old insists that it was her love for her 7-year-old son that got her kicked off the show, and not any inappropriate relationship.

“They let me talk to my son two times the entire time that I was out there,” she explains. “One of those [times] was this producer giving me his personal phone.”

“I know I didn’t do anything and I know I didn’t have a sexual relationship with anybody while I was on the show,” Rozlyn insists. “There was no kiss. I am not dating the producer. I am still just appalled. Appalled. They did not portray me fairly.”

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