Rozlyn Papa, the contestant on The Bachelor who left the house amidst a scandal involving her “intimate” relationship with a producer, is said to be blaming her exit on the show, claiming producers fabricated the situation to get her to leave. But Jake Pavelka, the man whose affections she was supposed to be vying for, says that wasn’t the case.

“No, I don’t believe that’s the way it happened,” Jake said during a radio interview with Valentine in the Morning. He adds that he wasn’t heartbroken — because he wasn’t in love with Rozlyn.

“At this point in the show I don’t have any front-runners,” he said of his heart’s desire. “But I did like her. I did, I was starting to develop feelings for her. It’s impressively accurate.”

As for whether or not he’s relieved that the attention will soon return to him, Jake insists he’s not the attention-seeking type.

“I didn’t come on The Bachelor to become the center of attention,” he reveals. “I came on there to find love. And unfortunately, Rozlyn found love elsewhere.”

Jake, for his part, won’t give up the goods on who (if anyone!) he ends up with, but he does admit that he fell in love… more than once!

“The human heart can love several people,” he says. “So  I fell in love with a couple women.”

Listen to the whole interview with Jake Pavelka here!

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