Millions of young hearts broke on Tuesday night when a mystery lady appeared in the American Idol audience with David Archuleta’s family.

The finalist even hinted live on air that he hopes the shy brunette is going to be his prom date.

But if she’s hoping to be the envy teen girls across America by becoming his girlfriend, we may have some bad news for her.

Just three weeks ago, David told the myFox Boston website that he’s still too young to have a girlfriend.

The singer, from Mulberry, UT, said that his studies and his music career don’t leave him with any time for lady in his life.

"I’m not really worried about getting a girlfriend," he said. "I’m still too young for that."

"I’m really concentrated on school and music right now."

But it’s apparently not so for his younger siblings back in Utah.

He said: "My brothers and sisters, on the other hand, all have boyfriends and girlfriends.

"I guess I’m weird!"

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