In an interview with E! News, actress Bai Ling is speaking up about her embarrassing arrest at an LAX gift shop. Ling says she split with her new boyfriend before she was scheduled to fly to New Mexico to begin shooting a film, turning it into an "emotionally crazy" day for her.

Ling had two celeb magazines and a package of batteries with her when she tried to leave the shop without paying. An employee saw her and made a citizen’s arrest.

The actress said she was dealing with the "huge problem of breaking up before Valentine’s Day" when she was arrested for shoplifting, then added simply, "Wrong boyfriend."


Damon Elliot, a close friend of Ling’s, told E! News that she was definitely not herself on the day of her arrest. "She was kind of in a mentally unstable state of mind yesterday," Elliot said. "She had some relationship issues going on. She wasn’t in the right frame of mind."

Ling is due in court on March 5 to face charges stemming from her arrest.



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