The Band Perry, consisting of siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry, have joined forces with General Mills' Outnumber Hunger campaign for a second year to help provide nutritious meals for those in need. The country act is on a hot streak, having recently released their sophomore effort Pioneer to rave reviews and they're currently on tour with Rascal Flatts. The Tennessee natives took time out of their hectic schedule to talk about the war on hunger, what you can do to help and what it's like on the road with country's other big-time trio.

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OK!: Talk a little bit about your involvement with Outnumber Hunger.

Kimberly Perry: Well this is our second year being partnered with General Mills in the Outnumber Hunger effort and it’s been such a life-changing experience for the three of us. We have a particular spotlight because of our line of work and we truly view it as a responsibility and also a great opportunity to put a little bit of light in dark places. The three of us had the opportunity to visit our local national food bank last year and we got to pack backpacks for kids to bring home. It was just an amazing experience. We learned that one in six Americans right here in the land of plenty struggles with hunger and I had no idea that within our own borders the number was that high.

Neil Perry: I think one of the biggest things that drew us to Outnumber Hunger is the way it helps on the local level.

Kimberly: It’s just so easy to help. That number one in six is very powerful because those are the people at our shows, those are our next-door neighbors, we all likely work with somebody or our kids go to school with somebody struggling with that. It really touches all of us.

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OK!: What have you learned that everyday individuals can do to help the cause?

KP: Well, specifically with this particular campaign, volunteer hours at your local food bank are always helpful but General Mills has made it really easy to help…

NP: They have these specially marked packages with these codes on it that you can go on and enter the code and your zip code as well and they’ll provide five meals to your local food bank. They make it very easy for people to help.

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OK!: There's a contest in conjunction with the campaign to win a hometown concert, is there a particular locale you're hoping to hit?

KP: I think they need country music in Hawaii. I think we should do more shows there. Or Alaska. So please all of you Alaskans and Hawaiians, let’s see what we can do about this contest!

OK!: Was there anything you felt like you could do on Pioneer that you weren’t able to do on your first record?

KP: I feel like on Pioneer certainly we’ve gotten to embrace more of who we’ve always been, like bigger drumbeats, more electric guitars, intense music, more guttural spirit and emotion. I remember on the first album there were so many times when I would go through something in the studio and it was like well, we’re just kind of making an introduction right now, are we sure we want to lay out all these cards on the table. We would make decisions to not hold back but just be smart about making an introduction to our music with the first album. And then our fans gave us the amazing opportunity to get back in the studio and record again. On Pioneer I felt like we could throw out the rule book and the fans and radio and everyone in country music have given us the opportunity to be who we are. 

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OK!: What’s it been like touring with Rascal Flats?

NP: This is the first time we’ve been on the road with another band or trio so it’s been interesting to see how they do things on the road. We have been photo bombed by them and Kimberly does say that they get the blue ribbon for sweet tea out on the road.

KP: Well we judge tours by their catering. What else would we judge a tour by? And they have the best sweet tea of any tour we’ve been on yet!

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