The soon-to-be first lady faced a makeup malfunction in her 20/20 appearance on Nov. 26 — she had lipstick on her teeth!

During the Barbara Walters interview, the president-elect Barack Obama, 47, informed his wife, “You’ve got a bit of lipstick on your tooth.”


Rubbing it off, Michelle Obama, 44, replied, “Thanks, honey…. Is it gone?”
In fact, Barbara, 79, was so touched by their intimate display that she kept the scene in the final broadcast.


“They’re very cute and very funny in this interview together,” she told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America on Nov. 26.

Although easily fixed, Michelle’s cosmetic crisis can be avoided. “When a woman gets lipstick on her teeth, she’s usually used too much,” says celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson.



Lip Tips… OK!‘s experts help you avoid Michelle’s mistake.

1. Use a lip pencil. Fill in the entire lip and go over it with your lipstick.
2. Apply powder for more staying power. Pat it on for budge-proof layers.
3. After each application, use your finger or Q-tip to blot away excess.

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