Even though she’s one of the most well-respected journalists around, Barbara Walters still has moments of insecurity. Especially when it comes to Myspace.


During her Ten Most Fascinating People of 2007 special, Walters interviewed Myspace founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe and the founders were nice enough to set the septugenarian up with a pimped out Myspace page of her own.


At first, said Walters, she only had two friends — Anderson and DeWolfe. "I came on and kvetched on my Sirius radio show," said Walters, about not having any Internet friends. "Someone called in and said, ‘This is a space for young people and you’re too old.’"


That comment may have prompted Walters to list her Myspace age as "24."


Either way, Walters is now up from two friends to over 12,000.


"I think I have enough friends," she said.


View co-host Sherri Shepherd‘s recommendation for maintaining her Myspace profile? "Keep your clothes on, Barbara."

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