When I lived in NYC Monday night was generally my biggest night out of the week. A creature of  habit, Monday would often be Stanton Social (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a French Onion Soup Dumpling) and then Butter.

Since moving to LA, where people actually go out on the weekends (I’m still adjusting to this culture shock) coupled with having to be up for work at 5:30am Monday mornings, I no longer go out on Monday nights. This may change. Ryan Gosling and his friend Zach Shields have been doing some deejay gigs under the name Dead Man’s Bones and seem to have a Monday night residency at Bardot, although friends say, ‘It’s not really a regular thing for Ryan, he just does it to have fun and hang out with friends.” Whatever his reasons, I think I have to start getting out more on Monday. How many more Monday nights can I go sitting on my couch watching “Gossip Girl” and the (tears) soon-to-be-ceased “My Own Worst Enemy” when I’m getting texts from friends that Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix and fresh from the set Lance Bass are all dancing at Bardot.

Oddly, I’m told the normally low-key Joaquin Phoenix even went to Bardot with cameras in tow last night. Someone said that Joaquin, who announced on a red carpet last week that he was retiring from acting to focus on music, was filming his transition from acting to music. Is documentary the bridge between the two?

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