Traveling to six cities in four states in three countries didn’t keep me from being here blogging- but the 102 fever that peaked on the Virgin America flight I took to San Francisco en route to Vegas is taking its toll on me. I alternate between chills, burning up and popping some Tylenol and putting a smile on my face to attend the events I came out here for- and they’ve been great, but a blinding headache that’s unwelcome company to my fever has kept me from spending too much time in front of the computer the last couple of days.

That said…The flight out to Vegas today was truly a once in a lifetime experience – for some of us more than others. Random fact, the state of California allows ANYONE to apply to be a minister and perform a LEGAL wedding ceremony by filling out a form over the INTERNET! A friend of mine actually did this a couple of years ago and today Sir Richard Branson was dubbed Father Branson as he performed the wedding of his marketing director on the flight. I moved away from my seat next to a cute boy in the back and sat front row next to Carmen Electra as the bride walked to meet her groom at the alter (first class), to the song, “Love is in the Air.” It really gave a whole new meaning to walking down the aisle. Father Richard officiated and said he hopes they ‘soar on the wings of love’ and then everyone did a toast with a cocktail concoction of champagne and Marquis Platinum, a new vitality drink. It was 11am and despite all of the stimulation a Virgin America plane offers (even massage chairs in first class), a little bit of natural caffeine was a nice complement to the champagne.

Later in the day Sir Richard rappelled down the side of the Palms Hotel (guess he felt like he hadn’t had enough adventure for the day) and played in a poker tournament at the party at Tryst in the Wynn Hotel. He didn’t fare that well at poker, but I think it had more to do with scheduling than skill- just after he got out he hopped on a plane to New York – in a few hours he’s ringing the stock exchange bell and a guest on the Martha Stewart show!

Does this man ever sleep??? He told me, “I’ve learned to sleep on planes.”
More from my interview with Richard in a blog coming soon.

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