Ashley Greene might look like she’s just casually relaxing in a swimsuit in the jungle, but in reality, the Twilight Saga star had to sit still for 12 hours to have that suit painted on her!

Ashley lounged about in the first-ever Sobe skinsuits, modeled after the design on bottles of SoBe Lifewater, as part of her role in their ad campaign for two-calorie flavors. Ashley’s photo spread will appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

For the shoot, Ashley traveled to Turks and Caicos — not a bad way go to work!

“We did two photo shoots, one on the beach and one in a secluded jungle-like setting and it was incredible,” Ashley tells OK!. “It was nice to get away and spend time in such a gorgeous place for a few days.”


That gorgeous environment made the 12-hour wait to get painted a little less punishing, admits Ash.

“Because the body painting took about 12 hours per skinsuit, the shoot was long, but a really cool experience and it was nice to be in such a beautiful setting,” she tells OK!.

Ash will need all the relaxation she can get — she’s heading to Sundance for the Jan. 25 debut of her next film project, Skateland, as well as working as the lead in another movie called The Apparition. And as all Twi-hards know, Eclipse comes out in June!

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