When Bethenny Frankel stops by to guest on Emeril Lagasse’s Cooking Channel show Fresh Food Fast, she’s already had a busy morning that includes breastfeeding two-month-old daughter Bryn and filling in on The View.

“I’m lucky, I’m happy, it feels like it’s my moment right now,” the Bethenny Getting Married? star, 39, tells me. “It feels like a good moment. I’m grateful, I’m lucky. I’m excited. I’m particularly excited about this Emeril show because I am a chef, and not as good of a chef as Emeril by any stretch of the imagination – not as experienced by every stretch of the imagination, but it will be fun to cook with someone like him. I appreciate his love of food and his love of local food, and real food, and that he’s passionate about it.”

Hmm, has Bethenny served up a special dish for her daughter yet?

“No, she’s not on solid food yet, but the first thing she eats will be my cooking,” she tells me. “It will be pureed butternut squash because I love to make it, I love to eat it, and it’s like baby food.”

Now that Bethenny is a mom, she’s noticed her food cravings have changed.

“I’ve been eating a lot more protein because of breastfeeding. There are times that I’ve gone through when I’ve been vegetarian, and lately I’ve been wanting chicken more. It could be a turkey burger, it could be chicken on a salad. I think my body’s craving protein. I actually need it.”

Still, hubby Jason Hoppy isn’t suffering now that Bethenny has another person to please.

“I created a low-fat enchilada a couple weeks ago that I put in my newsletter, and my husband loves it. Typically Mexican’s really fattening, and this is a low-fat, low calorie enchilada, and it’s as good as any Mexican restaurant. We’re both surprised by it. It’s good.”

Perhaps Emeril will share his tips for making an eclectic eater out of daughter Bryn.

“I try to tell families that it starts from the top, so if dad’s moaning and whining that he doesn’t like broccoli and he doesn’t like brussel sprouts, then that filters down immediately to the kids,” she tells me. “At an early age, you can turn them off without trying or knowing what it is. I try to encourage my kids and their friends, if they have friends over, to experiment. We don’t talk about ‘do you like this?’ or ‘do you like this?’ This is what we’re having for dinner. We’re having Brazillian fish stew, and that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight. There are not a lot of options.”

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for a behind-the-scenes look at Bethenny and Emeril from his Cooking Channel show Fresh Food Fast. The cover line is “Kourtney Vs. Kim: It’s War Over Scott.” And, watch for Bethenny’s episode of Fresh Food Fast, which will air later this year. For now, catch Bethenny Getting Married?, which airs Thursdays at 10/9C on Bravo.

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