Betrayal’s red hot affair between Jack and Sara is getting riskier with each episode. How close are their respective spouses to finding out the truth? Stuart Townsend weighs in on the couple’s relationship and the obstacles they could face in the future.

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OK!: Are Jack and Sara going to be able to keep their affair secret for much longer? It feels like they’re going to be found out soon.

Stuart Townsend: Episodes six and seven are big. At the end of (episode) five I think the audience knows there were some photos found on a camera by Sara’s husband and so that’s where we leave them. The audience is thinking, “Is this it? Is it game up?” In one sense it is and in another sense it isn’t. But the question of how long is this affair going to remain private is definitely one that the writers are actively figuring out in six and seven. A lot of stuff happens with the relationship and its unveiling.

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OK!: They’ve been getting a lot bolder in their relationship and being a little more careless, do you think they want to be found out at this point?

ST: That is almost one of the scenes that comes up…that idea of, I think Jack says, “Why not? Why not tell everybody? Why not just have this out in the open so we can just move on and be together?” That is a question that’s brought up. That does get explored. I guess the audience can see it’s only a matter of time before they give the game up themselves or they’re found out but their various spouses or family members.

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OK!: Do you think their relationship has any real future?

ST: It’s definitely a relationship filled with obstacles and I think that’s part of the attraction of it. It’s not a very rational relationship because they’re so ensconced in their previous lives. She has a young child and he has a whole family that he works with and all of that. It’s not a very rational relationship, it’s definitely one, as it continues on, that’s going to cause a lot of problems. But they’re in love and that’s what’s interesting about it. They’re really starting to fall in love with each other.

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