OK! recently sat down with funky fashion designer Betsy Johnson to talk about her struggle with breast cancer. The designer, who has been cancer free for nearly a decade, recalls the heartache and strife she went through during her battle with cancer.

She opens up about how at the end of the day not even something as devastating as breast cancer could affect her work: “Nothing affected my private Idaho of my design work. I always thought of myself as ageless and sickless. No, I’ve been around 42 years and always done ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and now the 2000’s mush of everything. My clothes are supposed to make you feel good, and I think it’s important to keep celebrating and making clothes that girls enjoy wearing.”

She added, "There’s such a variety of breast cancer experiences and what happens to your body and how you feel about it and what you do about it, but my clothes, it never occurred to me for them to be affected.”

To read more of Betsy’s interview and about her inspiring story of cancer survival, check out the new issue of OK! on newsstands Thursday!

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