On the latest leg of her North American tour, Britney Spears will be working with radio stations all around the country to offer free tickets to a few lucky fans. But, as with all generous offers, some greedy folks are trying to spoil the fun for everyone, which has led Brit’s peeps to post a warning about these scammers on her official Web site.

In a post on BritneySpears.com, they write:

There have been recent sightings of internet auctions for fans to bid for a chance meet Britney. BritneySpears.com wants to warn fans about these fraudulent opportunities. These postings are fake. Fans would never be charged to meet Britney. The only meet and greets available for the Circus tour are through radio contests in select cities. Please be sure to listen to your local radio station to see if your city is eligible for a meet and greet. Do not bid for one online.

Consider yourself forewarned!

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