Yesterday, news was circulating on the interwebs that Beyonce might be pregnant with baby number two. That Met Ball dress that she wore last week certainly looked like she was hiding a baby bump, guys.

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And today? TMZ is reporting that B cancelled a concert in Belgium due to "dehydration and exhaustion." In famous people terms, that means "I'm hiding something from you so please leave me alone." We're onto you, B.

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But now, if she is in fact expecting again, only one question remains. How will she reveal her pregnancy to the public in a way that could possibly top this epic VMA moment from 2011?!

Whatever she does, it's Jay Z and Beyonce's baby, so the reveal is going to be huge. As one of our editors said when we discussed this mind-blowing discussion, "I hope she does it when Kim Kardashian gives birth." Touche.

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Do you think Beyonce is pregnant or is she actually sick? How do you think B and Jay will reveal their baby news to the public? Tweet us @OKMagazine with your thoughts!

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