Beyoncé apparently loves treating her husband, Jay Z, with a source telling that the singer and rapper are spending some major cash on one of his biggest presents ever!

According to the insider, Bey and Jay have been pumping tons of money into the $40 million private jet the singer purchased for the rapper for Father’s Day back in 2012. The source added the couple has spent $5 million recently to upgrade the jet, with the duo making it as comfy as their own home!

“Bey and Jay are virtually using it like a home in the air at the moment,” the insider said. “It’s why they wants a few things brought up to their standards, including the bathrooms and the main bedroom. It also needed to be slightly baby proofed from Blue’s destructive ways, plus it’s had all new interior decorating that looks super sleek.”

The source continued, “It’s no secret Jay’s a huge fan of private jets, having invested in an Uber-style equivalent for the jet-set.”

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