Watching the video for Beyoncé‘s latest single of her I Am… Sasha Fierce album bring on immediate deja vu: The songstress is flanked by two dancers with strong, unique moves and is shot in black in white, similar to her video for "Single Ladies."


The resemblance is no mistake, she reveals.

“My goal for [the] video is simplicity,” she tells Entertainment Weekly. “In ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’, I saw this old tape of Bob Fosse’s wife, and I used that as inspiration. I thought in this world, with all the technology and everything that’s going on, to strip everything down — great idea. So I kind of did the same thing, but glossy and black, for ‘Ego.’ ”


Where "Singles Ladies" is catchy and immediately pop-worthy, "Ego" is a bit smoother and subtle, and has a bit more flash and sparkle. Watch below and see what you think:


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