Sorry, TV fans, but your productivity level on Wednesday nights officially just dropped to zero. MTV premieres its newest reality series tonight, Big Tips Texas, which follows the professional and personal lives of 10 hot waitresses from Red Neck Heaven bar in Texas. I’ve called it a mixture of The Hills and Jersey Shore before, and after watching the first two episodes and talking to two of the show’s cast members, Typhani (left) and Morgan (right), that comparison has been confirmed.

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Read on to see what Typhani and Morgan said about the show, the girls’ relationships with each other since filming wrapped, the MTV hottie that all the girls have a major crush on, and which of their co-workers is the Snooki of the group. Oh, and The HillsObviously we had to talk about The Hills. Keep reading!


OK!: When MTV approached you guys about a show, were you excited? Was anyone in the group resistant to it?
Morgan: I was definitely willing to do it, I mean, any chance you get to be on TV—sign me up! I was so excited.
Typhani: I think that we were all really excited to be able to get out there and show the world what Redneck girls are made of. I think we all want to inspire girls, we want to put our stories out there so that each girl can have somebody to can relate to, somebody to look up to and something to aspire to be.

OK!: What do you think makes Texas or the South in general such a great place for a reality show?
M: I think what makes it interesting is that it’s so diverse. So many different types of people live in Texas and I feel like people view Texas as just riding your horse to work, and just country, but it’s way more than that.

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OK!: How has your relationship as co-workers changed now that you’re all on a show together?
T: We still talk to each other everyday. I mean, we have a group text and it goes nuts. We all talk all the time still. We see each other at work, I think if anything it brought us all closer.


OK!: Is the drama still there?
T: I think there are definitely some new tensions.
M: I mean, the drama changes everyday, you are with the same girls every single day, there are some things that girls do that you just get annoyed with, and then the next day you are fine with them.

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OK!: When we first premiered the Big Tips Texas trailer, I thought of the show as a mix between The Hills and Jersey Shore. Is that accurate?
M: I love The Hills. I’m so glad you just said that.
T: Yeah I think we both love The Hills and I think that’s a really great description. I think that the girls on The Hills are ambitious and a little dramatic, and the Jersey Shore kids definitely know how to party and you could use all of those things to describe our show.

OK!: So does that mean that Amber is the Kristin Cavallari of your show?
M: Oh, no, Amber is like Snooki of Jersey Shore!
T: Amber, she doesn’t have mean intentions, she is just a mess.
M: She’s a hot mess.


OK!: Any other reality stars you guys love?
M: The Kardashians (laughs). I just want to be a Kardashian!

OK!: You guys are three times as many as the Kardashians! You have ten people and they have three!
M: But they have their whole family!

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OK!: Now that you’re on MTV, what other MTV shows do you watch religiously?
T: I currently don’t have cable so that’s kind of a hard question… but I loved Sorority Life back in the day.
M: Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, I can go on for days.

Big Tips Texas

OK!: Any MTV stars you’re dying to meet?
M: Rob Dyrdek.
T: I think all of the girls have a little bit of a crush on him.
M: He is just so cool, he is so funny! I just want to hang out with him.
T: I own the entire Fantasy Factory season [on DVD].

OK!: So maybe you guys will get your own episode of Ridiculousness!
M: Yes! Big Tips Texas takes over Ridiculousness!

Watch a clip of the BTT girls talking about dating at Red Neck Heaven:

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Big Tips Texas premieres tonight at 10pm on MTV! Are you excited for the show? Do you agree that it’s a mix of Jersey Shore and The Hills? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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