Season 6 player Vicky must be breathing a sigh of relief now that Bob has found a new contestant to hate in season 7: Joelle!

The Silver team player who stayed on the ranch brought out the worst in Bob – in seven seasons – when she refused to run the entire 30-second sprints he was making his team endure during last chance workout.

Bob screamed and cursed, telling Joelle to stop making excuses and just do the work. Even Jillian, who has made an art out of being a fitness drill psycho, was shocked.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… The show started out filling us in on how the players at home planned to use their 30 days to get in shape, should they make it back on the ranch.

Watching Silver team Carla do her shake the weight off booty dance in her home was hilarious, but seeing Orange team David at a fast food joint downing hot dogs and fries was heartbreaking. Couldn’t anyone have suggested a salad?

The teams endured their first temptation, $25,000 to quit the game right now. Joelle almost stepped over the line, making her an easy target for other players if she fell below the yellow line.

At the challenge, a combo of kayaking a river and running up a mountain, Green team’s Tara sprinted past Black team’s Dane to win immunity. Then in a brilliant move, she gave the second part of her prize, a phone call home, to Blue team Filipe since he had a family. Filipe vowed he would try to pay her back someday. This is the reason Tara is going to go far in the competition.

Thank goodness Tara won that immunity, too. Despite her hard work, she only lost one pound. Joelle’s numbers were also, not surprisingly, disappointing at two lbs. She knew she hadn’t pulled her weight, so to speak, and her fellow competitors were writing her ticket home.

But not so fast… White team Jerry only lost two lbs himself, and Orange Team Dan, the heaviest person to ever hit the ranch, only lost three. With a one-pound penalty for coming in last in the challenge, he fell below the yellow line, pushing Joelle to safety. But as she put it herself, “I beat the oldest and the heaviest. What’s that to be proud of?”

In the end, the teams decided to send Jerry home. It was a good decision. Being a grown-up, he and his wife had the wits to know they needed to keep up the changes, and each have already lost a ton of weight.

Dan would never have accomplished that at home. More importantly, David needs to get back on the ranch, stat!

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