I knew as soon as Kristin said, “If this elimination goes any differently, I’ll be shocked.”

The elimination was between Damien, who was liked by everyone on the ranch and working his butt off to lose weight, and Joelle, who’s already show ten different ways to lose friends, and the support of your coach because she can’t, in the infamous words of High School Musical, “Get Your Head in the Game.”

But once again, I’m ahead of myself. The Loser temptation was to eat the most calories to win a session at home with their trainer and their partner who has returned home. Mandi downed a slice of pizza, 320 calories, in hopes of seeing her kids.

But it was Carla, Joelle’s partner, scarfing down more than 2000 calories to bring Bob and Joelle back to Detroit for a training session. Even though Joelle ate nothing, the smug look on her face that she was the one going home infuriated everyone on the ranch. I think it was put best when someone said, “She is 41, but has the mind of a 12-year-old.”
The Loser producers must have been thanking the reality gods when Joelle and Carla were at their training session with Bob, and Carla went ballistic on Joelle’s genuine disinterest in doing the work needed to lose the weight.

Carla screamed that she had lost more weight on her own (even after her temptation feast) than Joelle at the ranch, and that Joelle was gambling with both their lives. Joelle just rolled her eyes and the cameras just kept rolling and rolling. It was painful and disheartening to watch, only a tad less disturbing than watching Dan’s partner David stuff his face with unhealthy foods even while being scolded by his family and friends.

Back on the ranch, Tara won another challenge, and at the weigh-in Joelle and Damien fell below the yellow line. It seemed like a no-brainer that people would send Joelle, who couldn’t even answer “Yes,” when Tara asked if she wanted to be on the ranch, home for good.

But Biggest Loser is a competition, and several players knew that as they voted Damien, who would have been the stronger competitor down the line, off the ranch. Joelle actually broke down at the thought of staying. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the first Biggest Loser player to quit.

There’s gotta to be more to her story, and I hope we get to it soon. Just seeing her give up every single time is so lame.

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