Tipping the scales at 497 pounds, Shauntina “Shay” Sorrells was the largest contestant on The Biggest Loser. While on the ranch, she shed 150 pounds, and more importantly, gained an optimistic look at the future. “There are things I’m doing now, even at 300 pounds, that I never thought I’d be able to do,” Shay shares with OK!. “Still, I know this isn’t a healthy weight for me and I need to continue on the path I started on the show.”

The Newport Beach, Calif., native, 30, believes that her troubled past led to her weight problems.

“Me and my mom were homeless and my mom had a drug problem. While heroin was her addiction, for me, it was food,” says Shay.

Now, the happily married social worker knows that the future is full of possibilities. Here, she shares her goals with OK!:

How does it feel to be 150 pounds lighter?
I’ve come a long way. People don’t stop and stare anymore. Before the show, my doctor was talking about gastric bypass surgery. I knew there had to be another way. If my body can do this to itself, then it can undo this.

How much more do you want to lose?
I would love to get myself under 200 pounds, but I’m trying to set goals for myself instead of thinking about numbers. Like, I want to be able to jog or run — even run a marathon!

What goals have you accomplished since leaving the show?
I’ve been hiking, and my husband, Gene, and I take bike rides together. It’s a new lifestyle. i used to go to the beach and sit under my umbrella, fully clothed, watching all the people around me. Now, I’m one of them!

What is your exercise routine like now?
I’m working out with a trainer and doing a lot of exercising by the pool and on the beach — even basketball drills. My husband loves to play basketball and now I have skills so I play him one-on-one!

Have you had any slip-ups?
Definitely, but we learned on TBL that it’s a science: calories in and calories out. If you eat 500 extra calories, you either eat 500 calories less the next day or burn 500 at the gym. You can fix your mistake or learn from it. Every day is brand new.


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