Bijou Phillips is a former model. How does she stay slim?

“I’m vegan, so that’s the best secret,” she tells me. “It’s fine – you can eat as many animals – you can do whatever you want to do and be healthy. But at the end of the day, I think with the amount of antibiotics they put into the dairy and into the meat, when you start eating that, it’s killing all the good bacteria in your stomach that helps you digest the food anyway.”

Bijou continues, “I think that’s part of the reason people are so obese is because they’re not able to digest their food properly because there’s so many antibiotics in the animal products that you can’t really digest everything properly because there’s a large amount of bacteria in your stomach that does all the digestion for you. When you don’t have it because you’re eating tons of antibiotics constantly and not replenishing with probiotics, then that’s a problem.”

To help out with muscle tone, she jogs.

“I run three times a week for about five miles,” she says. “ I want to do a marathon.”

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