Last night, as Madonna and Guy Ritchie began divorce proceedings under the whole world’s gaze, OK! talked to another star who knows exactly what they’re going through.

And Billy Bob Thorton, whose break-up with Angelina Jolie made headlines around the globe in 2003, told us that in the middle of a personal crisis, it’s easy to wish you were just an average Joe.

In fact, the actor said that after having his life’s ups and downs scrutinized by the media, he’d love to lose the limelight altogether.

"I always want to be annonymous in every aspect of my life," said Billy Bob at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s All For The Hall benefit in New York, where he was singing with his band, the Boxmasters.

"I’ve been famous for a long time — I’m tired of that s**t. I just want to be in a band."

But the Eagle Eye star, who won an Oscar for Switch Blade, says that once you’ve chosen a life in the spotlight, there’s no going back.

"You can’t not be famous once you are. Once you’ve screwed a bunch of pretty girls and won an Academy Award, you’re screwed," complains Billy Bob.

Ain’t life tough!

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