Against the odds, Kelly Osbourne has not only managed to keep her head above water on this season of Dancing With the Stars but the first daughter of heavy metal is holding her own against stars with more dance experience like Aaron Carter and Mya, even as she battles a nagging foot injury. And while Kelly, who turns 25 today, can handle the pain, she’s had it with the DWTS judges calling her confidence into question.

“I’m sick and f-ing tired of this show talking about my confidence,” Kelly told OK! after Monday’s live broadcast, where she and partner Louis Van Amstel jitterbugged to a 20 out of 30 and earned five points out of 10 for their mambo. “I don’t want it to get in the way anymore. I’m sick of it. I don’t want it to be another talking point on the show. It really bummed me out today.”

To keep her mind off the anxiety of this week’s double elimination on DWTS, Kelly celebrated her birthday a day early on Monday night with her new dancing family.

“I’m having a thing tonight because tomorrow, if we make it through elimination — which would be devastating to be voted off on your birthday, so fingers crossed — then we’re going to be rehearsing ‘til 11 p.m. tomorrow,” explained the trimmed-down blonde, who is featured in an exclusive photoshoot and interview in the current OK!.


For her Monday night birthday celebration, Kelly said, “all of us are going to a club and I’ve got karaoke.” She invited “the entire cast and crew” of 150 people. “I wanted to make sure I had fun with all the people that I love.”

The reality show princess said her birthday gift to herself is a new dog, a black Pomeranian she’ll pick up tomorrow. “I’m going to name him Sid. I had to get a kids’ play pen for the dog because it’s so small I can’t ever leave it unattended. If I want to put it on the floor, I have to put it in the playpen because the dog is that small. It’s the size of a one dollar bill! I can’t wait! I’m so excited.”

Kelly and her fiancé, model Luke Worrall, already own two dogs, so Sid will make it a family of five.

By Carole Glines

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