Where does red-carpet beauty Blake Lively get her fashion inspiration? From her Gossip Girl character, Serena Van der Woodsen’s closet.

“I dress just like Serena! I own half her wardrobe, so it’s far too similar to the way I dress,” she tells Nylon magazine.

“I feel ridiculous at times with her — because I’m, you know, killing someone or marrying someone, but I look like me. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is absurd.’”

But Blake’s new movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee — about a teenager’s wild experiences returning to haunt her in later life — is much more adult fare than the CW’s teen soap.

“I had a leash around my neck, and Julianne Moore was taking pictures,” she says of an X-rated scene. “I thought, What am I doing with my life? What is happening? How is this a good idea?”

But when she’s not playing hard-as-nails Serena, poor Blake, 22, is cursed by being too empathetic for her own good.

“I feel a lot. I get really bad stomachaches all the time,” she says. ” So I went to a doctor, and he said, ‘You’re a feeler. I take on people’s pain a little too much.”

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