Topanga will forever be the TV character that every girl wants to be (seriously, that hair!) and every boy wants to date. She's the ultimate, hilarious, quick-witted and adorable girl next door that made a relationship work since like, age four. 

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Why do we love this character SO much? It's probably because someone just as fabulous—if not more—actually plays the TV heroine. Danielle Fishel is the OK! girl-of-the-moment (or year!) and will be chatting with the staff and a lucky fan on Friday during a live Google+ Hangout. Get pumped! The show kicks off at 12:30 pm ET. TGIF, right? 

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To help you get even more excited for this major event, we decided to create a little lookbook of memorable Topanga and real-life Danielle moments. Let's go! 

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Yeah, that's Danielle Fishel you see standing across from Michelle Tanner. It just doesn't look like she's too into the whole tea party situation. This is a doubly whammy of 90's TV love. 

Remember the hair? Topanga, Topanga, let down your hair. Rapunzel would have been the easiest Halloween costume ever for Danielle Fishel. She had miles of golden locks. 

But do you remember when Topanga cut her hair to make Cory feel better? Now that's love. 

And every dream came true in this pic of the 90's princesses together. Britney Spears and Danielle Fishel were friends! Don't you wish you were invited into that BFF club? 

One of our favorite Danielle moments was when she told us about her new "daughter." She's a Mama now! 


And we would never forget that funny moment when Cory's patience was tested. The man wanted a honeymoon and wanted it fast. Topanga really knew how the handle that curly-haired kid. 

Danielle Fishel was friends with another pop star, too. Actually, she was more than friends with him. Lance Bass and Danielle had a little dating rendezvous. 

Here comes the bride! Topanga and Cory's nuptials were an emotional rollercoaster for the Boy Meets World fans. Tears are welling up even talking about it. 

All those years in Mr. Feeny's classroom did Danielle well. This actress is a college grad! Take a look at her post below and click it to visit her Tumblr! 

You know how Topanga and Shawn (Ryder Strong) were always competing for Cory's undivided attention? The best friend and the girlfriend are friends in real life. Instagram says it all! 

Remember when Danielle was on The Soup with Joel McHale? She looked super pretty!

We also have to mention the hilarious series that Danielle hosted. She didn't play the Biebs all the time, but we loved it when she did!

The Girl Meets World star posed for a hot Maxim cover, reminding us all that TV moms can look incredible. 

What Danielle//Topanga moment is your favorite? Tweet @OKMagazine and leave a comment below. Don't forget to tune back into and watch the live Google+ Hangout with Danielle Fishel and the OK! staff.

It starts at 12:30 pm ET! See you there! 


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