Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a publicly stormy 14-year relationship, and now the recording artist is ready talk about what went down between them — the drug abuse, the hurt, the divorce — in his upcoming VH1 Behind the Music interview airing tonight.

“I think we corrupted each other,” he tells The Insider. “I don’t think she hurt me or I hurt her. I just think we had a 14-year marriage that had its ups and downs and not many people understood it.”

As for his drug use, which found him in the headlines and in trouble with the law often, Bobby is candid about abusing cocaine.

“I used an awful lot you know and I can’t take that back,” he says, adding of coke, “It’s a powerful drug.”

As for what made him turn to drugs in the first place, Bobby blames boredom.

“I think I was bored. I had just gotten married and things weren’t right,” he confesses. “Unfortunately, I turned to alcohol and drugs.”

Bobby is also prepared for the reality of Whitney having a few choice words on their marriage during her upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“If there’s something that she says that is untrue or disrespectful then I’ll deal with that with her,” he explains.

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