Famous for his Body by Jake fitness line, Jake Steinfeld has been trying to whip fans into shape for decades. Now he's making them laugh in Jake Steinfeld's No Expectations his one-man show at MGM Hollywood Theater in Las Vegas.

Jake's jokes about his path from fat-to-fit will have viewers in stitches with tales of his Long Island childhood, growing up as a fat Jewish kid with a terrible stutter.

Jake recalls the unlikely way he discovered weight-lifting, how Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him and what happened when he revealed his plans to become a bodybuilder to his disapproving parents.

Then, he throws a LOL curveball when he recalls how he invited his family to a strip club where he was asked to perform.

The story takes a starry turn before he reads the classic poem Don't Quit. What an inspiration!

Jake Steinfeld's No Expectations Special sneak preview Thurs., June 27 at 7 p.m. ET on SnagFilms.com

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